Crema Marfil

Talking about Crema Marfil means talking about design, architecture and decoration. For this reason, the best known architects and interior designers in the world use this valuable material in order to create countless projects.


Nature has been able to create, over the years, a beautiful and unique material called Crema Marfil. Consequently we, at Pulycort, have tried to maintain the highest standards, taking care of this natural stone in every process, that is, from the blocks extraction to the manufacturing and laying of this material, always having in mind the same idea: to create a unique atmosphere.



Unlike other porcelain materials, Crema Marfil follows nature patterns, thus there are not two similar pieces of this material, what makes this stone exceptional and inimitable.


We know that we cannot go against nature, but thanks to the number of years that that we have been working with material, we have learned that, for example, it can be classified according to its different characteristics such as the lack of veins or the different kinds of tonality.

The types of cream ivory manufacture in Pulycort are as follows:




High Standard







Crema Marfil extracted from the quarry of Pinoso, Spain


One of the most important advantages of Crema Marfil is its versatility. This material can be given different appearances depending on the different projects needs:

Raw Crema Marfil

The surface of the material has not been processed yet. It has not been polished yet.

Polished Crema Marfil

Thanks to the polishing process, we can highlight this natural stone colour, giving brightness and luminosity to the architectural atmosphere where this marble is going to be placed.

Honed Crema Marfil

By rubbing this stone with sandstone we may get a matt appearance. This finish is not as hard as the raw one because a first layer of polishing is applied to the stone.

Brushed Crema Marfil

By aging this stone we can give this material a lightly wrinkled brightness appearance, as beautiful as the passing of the time itself.


With this process we can get a uniform wrinkled surface and, therefore, a more perdurable resistance for outdoors facilities, as for example, swimming-pools.


The roughness in this process is lighter than the bush-hammered one and therefore, the holes produced on the stone are less deep.

Split face

This finish aim is to give the stone a rustic appearance. This is one of most architects and designers’ favourite finish not only for indoors but also for outdoors.


As said above, Crema Marfil is a versatile and adaptable material thanks to its wide range of use possibilities as you can see below.

Interior Floors

interior floors

Exterior Floors

exterior floors of marble


marbles facades


marble stairs

Living Room

marble for living room


Marble for kitchens


Marble for bathrooms


marble for bedrooms

Cream Marble Indoors bungalow

Cream Marble Indoors bungalow

Marble Outdoors bungalow

Marble Outdoors bungalow

Crema marfil hall

Crema marfil hall

Projects in marble

Projects in marble


Crema Marfil measurements. At Pulycort you may find the following formats:


crema marfil marble slabs

Crema Marfil slabs may have different thicknesses depending on requirements. The most usual ones are 2 and 3 centimetres, but special slab thicknesses can be produced.

2 cm

3 cm

special thickness



crema marfil tile

Our production plants can manufacture large-size slabs. The advantage of this type of piece is that we obtain greater emphasis of the natural stone

Thickness 2 cm

120 x 120

120 x 60

100 x 100

91,5 x 91,5

80 x 80

70 x 70


crema marfil marble tile

With respect to medium form marble slabs, we have three thicknesses available, with their corresponding dimensions.

1 cm1.5 cm2 cm
61 x 30.545,7 x 45,760 x 60
60 x 40
60 x 30
60 x 20
50 x 50
45 x 45


crema marfil tile

Lastly, we also produce small tiles with the following dimensions.


1 cm2 cm
30.5 x 30.540 x 40
30 x 1540 x 30
40 x 20
30 x 30

Other Marbles that may be of interest to you

Marble provides many options when creating unique ambiences by employing a single type of natural stone or, combining several to obtain the proposed result. We invite you to discover other marbles below.

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blanco ibiza. White marble

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dark emperador marble

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Emperador light

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rojo alicante marble

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Creating Unique Ambiences


Employing the Exclusiveness of marble and other natural stones


Always close to you

The actuality of the Crema Marfil

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