Advantages and drawbacks of Crema Marfil

Advantages of Crema Marfil

Advantages and drawbacks of Crema Marfil

The time arrives for choosing what construction materials are going to form part of our home. This transcendental decision corresponds to the promoter, when it is a self-promotion, and the architect. We describe it as transcendental because it will dictate what we will create, a practical, comfortable home or an inhospitable one.

If there is a construction material which, a priori, is a good choice, then this would be Crema Marfil due to its advantages.


Advantages of Crema Marfil marble


A unique construction material

Crema Marfil marble is a natural stone and, as such, nature herself gave it form, thus there are no two pieces of Crema Marfil that are exactly the same. This quality represents a great advantage for the architect who wished to create exclusive ambiences.


Excellent in combination with other materials

Because of the Crema Marfil tonalities, it is a type of marble that that forms perfect combinations with the other construction materials and, in turn, is a grand ally in any decoration type.


Finish versatility

Another advantage of Crema Marfil is that this material can be found with various finishes that depend on the manufacturing process that was performed, which allows the range of usage possibilities to be expanded. For example, in outside areas, it is recommended that rub-finished and not polished marble be employed to prevent the paving becoming slippy when wet.


The most common Crema Marfil terminations or finished are:

  • Polished
  • Crude
  • Rubbed finish
  • Aged
  • Bush hammered.

Regarding aged Crema Marfil, this floor is usually in great demand for creating ambiences with a rustic touch.


Multi-purpose use

As we advanced in the previous point, Crema Marfil is a marble that can be employed both for the exterior and interior of a dwelling depending on its finish, one treatment is applied for a given ambience or another.


In exterior areas, we may employ it for

  • Facades
  • Facings
  • Stairways
  • Pavings

Whereas, in the interior, Crema Marfil can be found in:

advantages of crema marfil marble


Price diversity


The price of Crema Marfil will depend on the classification of the material in function of a series of characteristics, such as tone, uniformness and the number of veins making up the marble etc. Here, the advantage lies in the fact that we can find different price ranges on the market depending, in this case, on the degree of irregularities in the natural stone (number of veins and tonality etc).


I like Crema Marfil and I want it


Drawbacks of Crema Marfil

Although we have spoken about the advantages of Crema Marfil, it is now time to see the drawbacks, all of which are related to its intrinsic nature which, unlike synthetic materials, cannot be modified and endow it with unique characteristics.

This exclusiveness is an advantage but, at the same time, is a drawback because it is not possible to replace a piece that has deteriorated over time. As a solution, we can search for one or more that have similar characteristics.


Cleaning and maintenance


Although Crema Marfil is a high-quality construction material, it is also true that it requires greater care when cleaning the marble and certain cleaning products must be avoided, such as household bleach or ammonia, which can worsen the situation.

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