Aged Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil marble table aged

Aged Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil marble is a light-beige marbled limestone, which is mainly extracted from Mote Coto in Pinoso (Alicante).

The transformation of this natural stone that is directly extracted from the quarry is really fascinating, the continuous development of the transformation process in marble plants endow this material with widely-varying finishes, among which is the aged crema marfil.


What are you searching for with this finish?

The search is for the passage of time, the beauty of a resistant material despite the passing years. The warm, worn appearance of a material with life.


Appearance of aged Crema Marfil

Its surface is wrinkled, soft to the touch, deformed by the supposed passage of time. The beige colour of crema marfil subtly augments its tone when this treatment is applied and compared to the raw crema marfil. The resulting form is varied, from small pieces (simulating old mosaics, 10 x 10 cm) to slabs and plates of more standard sizes.

Antique Crema Marfil Pulycort. Marble from Spain

Aged Crema Marfil. Marble Spain


How is the aged finish achieved?

The transformation of raw Crema Marfil (from the quarry) into aged Crema marfil is produced in transformation plants and consists of a meticulously studied and controlled technique. Basically, it is an abrasive process applied to its surface. First of all, a chemical product is allowed to act, which wears the surface, followed by abrasive brushes which, depending on the thickness of the points, cause more or less wear to the surface, thus producing an effect of greater or lesser ageing.


Uses of aged Crema Marfil

The intrinsic properties of this material provide high resistance to atmospheric agents, the differences in temperature on outside facings are usually a significant drawback that aged crema marfil resolves in an excellent fashion. It is also a material that is often employed in interiors, such as wall facings, floors and stairways. Its aged appearance and elegant aesthetics inspire architects and decorators to employ it in any type of building. Because of its aesthetics, aged crema marfil is very easily adapted to rustic environments, when attempting to emulate old constructions. However, it is currently in the more modern ambience where it is providing interesting contrasts, mixing ambiences in the same space, which the various materials provide is undoubtedly a visual pleasure