Marble Floors

Marble floors made in Pulycort

Marble Floors

Selecting the marble floors that are best for your home may not be a simple task. To be successful in our choice, we must take into account a series of factors such as:

  • Uses: In this situation, we establish two classes of floors, those for exteriors and those for interiors. We must take more care when choosing the type of marble when it is for exteriors. Not all have the same resistance to climate conditions (temperature and humidity etc).
  • Finishes: Usually, paving finishes are smooth (polished, rubbed or as cut. If it is for exteriors, we recommend that the material surface not be polished to prevent unnecessary slipping.  Rough (not polished) or rubbed floors produce better grip. For example, for exteriors with crema marfil, the material should be “as cut” (/rough) or rubbed.
  • Availability: Marble is produced by nature, making it unique and, at the same time, limited. This should not cause us any worries if we are only paving our home But, who knows? Maybe we are seeking marble for the floor of an airport or shopping mall.
  • Resistance: Each natural stone presents a different degree of resistance. This must be taken into account when laying it. The use of highly resistant marble is recommended if a lot of people are moving around. Examples of this are corridors and the kitchen.


After such considerations, we move on to the advantages and drawbacks of employing marble floors compared to other alternatives, such as stoneware, concrete or wood.


Advantages od using marble floors

We are going to answer this because you should use marble by employing a series of points.


  • Elegance and distinction: Marble is able to create a distinguished ambience, highlighting its beauty.  Few materials are capable of contributing style.
  • Variety: Marble presents an infinite range of colours, leading to the possibility of creating unique, original spaces.
  • Durability: The resistance of marble makes it an ideal material for covering floors, providing greater duration than others.
  • Versatility: Marble can adapt to the Level of use (exterior or interior) as well as finishes (polished, rubbed or rough).


marble floors for indoor

Marble floor for exterior of a house


marble floors for outdoor

Marble floor for interiors


Red Marble floors

Red Marble floors



On the other side of the scales, we have the following factors to take into consideration when deciding:


  • Maintenance: We have to take special care when cleaning marble because of its nature. It is true that certain marbles are tougher than others and can better withstand certain cleaning treatments. Although, we do not recommend the use of vinegar or other acids in order to avoid corrosion. A good selection of marble will reduce its maintenance significantly.
  • Price: The price of marble when compared to other materials may be high. In such a case, we should compare durability between the choices because, in the long term, the investment may be feasible.


Outdoor marble floors

It is important when choosing a floor for exteriors areas and should take into account their textures and finishes. Why? Because this is a factor that will aid us in avoiding accidents just as we have previously stated.


Another factor to consider is to determine the degree of humidity that the material can withstand. Humidity can cause the marble to oxidise or moss to grow, together with the appearance of saltpetre.


To avoid such problems, it is always necessary to have professionals lay the paving who will take these factors into account so that the risk is minimised.


Types of outdoor marbles

We can find the following marbles, limestones and sandstones, although these are only a small sample:


Crema Marfil Coto marble

Marble Crema Marfil extracted from Monte Coto


Dark Emperador. Brown marble

Brown marble


Sandstones flooring

Sandstones flooring for swimming pools


limestone flooring

Limestone flooring for outdoors



Indoor marble floors

The outside of your home can also be dressed with the finest marbles. In fact, architects and interior designers do not hesitate to take it into account because of its qualities, above all its ability to create unique spaces.


Marble is a natural stone that is easy to combine because of its wide range of colours. There is, therefore, no excuse for not finding it in any room in your home (kitchen, salons, bedrooms or bathrooms).


Regarding marble finishes, we can find it polished, rubbed or aged. Depending on the ambience we wish to achieve, one finish or another will be employed. For example, if we want to endow the ambience in a salon with a rustic style, we would choose an aged marble. If, on the contrary, we desire greater luminosity, we should decide on polished Crema Marfil or Blanco Macael.


Types of indoor marbles

This classification would also include Crema Marfil, Dark Emperador and Rojo Alicante.


Spanish Gold marble flooring

Spanish Gold marble flooring


nero marquina marble for floors

Nero Marquina marble for floors


White marble Macael for interiors

White marble Macael for interiors


Now that you have all the elements on both sides of the scales, it is time to make your choice. We are aware that it is not easy to decide but, if in some cases we have helped you in some way, this post will have been worthwhile.

In any case, if you do require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. We have been told that we are very kind and helpful.


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