Marble from Spain

Pulycort is a Spanish marble producer involved in the quarrying and processing of Crema Marfil and Marble. Because of our latest generation machinery and our modern facilities we are one of the leading Spanish companies in the development of projects.


The experience reached in these more than 25 years, as well as the great human team that form our company, and the lastest generation machinery, guarantees the success of our projects.


Architects, interior designers and professionals of the sector, choose Pulycort because they know that behind this brand there are professionals willing to provide the best ideas to finalize your projects in time with an optimal result.

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Crema Marfil marble

Crema Marfil Experience

Having extraordinary beauty, Crema Marfil is a marble that transmits warmth and style to ambiences.


Its cream colour makes it a highly versatile natural stone and can be present in any space, both inside and outside. Get to know it!


Marbles that transmit sensations

Limestones of incontestable beauty

On ja just-in time basis

We can adapt to fit in with your required delivery schedules.

25 Years together

We bring the benefits of 25 years’ experience in working together and understanding the needs of our clients.

Exceptional teamwork

Our extraordinary human spirit and exceptional teamwork enables us to be who we are for you.

Made to measure

Whichever inspired idea you have about your Project: we will cut into stone.


We create whichever type of stairs you need for your project, whatever the thickness and whatever you need: whether spiraled, with risers or with skirtings.

Bespoke packaging

We can facilitate for you specific bespoke packaging, such as with labels on pieces to assist in the correct installation sequence.





Always close to you

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