Pulycort is a Spanish marble producer involved in the quarrying and processing of Crema Marfil and Marble. Because of our latest generation machinery and our modern facilities we are one of the leading Spanish companies in the development of projects.

The experience reached in these more than 30 years, as well as the great human team that form our company, and the lastest generation machinery, guarantees the success of our projects.

Architects, interior designers and professionals of the sector, choose Pulycort because they know that behind this brand there are professionals willing to provide the best ideas to finalize your projects in time with an optimal result.


Having extraordinary beauty, Crema Marfil is a marble that transmits warmth and style to ambiences.

Its cream colour makes it a highly versatile natural stone and can be present in any space, both inside and outside. Get to know it!

Types of Crema Marfil
Uses of Crema Marfil


We constantly offer novelties in marble and natural stone with unique collections and finishes, facilitating the choice of materials for amateurs and professionals in architecture, interior design and kitchen and bathroom design.

Meet here the trending products and their different applications:

Negro Marquina

Blanco Ibiza

Rain Forest Brown

Marbles and natural stones that convey sensations

The natural origin of our products allows us to transmit unique sensations. The rich diversity of textures and colors of marbles and natural stones that Pulycort offers leaves no one indifferent.

Applications of marble and natural stone

The wide possibilities of use of both marble and natural stone, facilitates the creation of diverse environments, both in indoor and outdoor areas.


In Pulycort we have a customization service for special projects. Using realistic photomontages you can see the desired finish.

If you want to see how that part of your house, office or project is in marble, follow the 3 simple steps.


Reasons to choose us

We are proud and convinced that there is only one way to do things:

“Others try the impossible, but we achieve it”


The experience accumulated since 1989 and the constant investment in R + D + I, allows us to respond to any need.


We get 100% involved in the projects, meeting the deadlines in a timely manner. We seek customer satisfaction.

International caracter

Our entrepreneurial nature makes the natural marbles and stones of Pulycort present in many countries.

All the news of marble and natural stone

Using marble in construction

Using marble in construction

Since the days of Ancient Greece, marble has been used for very wide and varied purposes. These metamorphic rocks have been used to build both large scale architectural monuments as well as sculptures and decorative items. In this case, we will take you through a...

Crema Marfil flooring

Crema Marfil flooring

Fortunately, Crema Marfil flooring are not the result of any fashion or trend. And this is all thanks to their timeless beauty. Thanks to Crema Marfil's elegance and simplicity, we can create comfortable and laid back environments. This is a very appreciated feature...

Staircase parts

Staircase parts

Staircases are essentially used to join two spaces located on different levels. So, what are the different staircase elements or parts? Depending on the type of staircase, these will feature different elements. Following, we will proceed to define all of them.  ...

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