Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil flooring
Crema Marfil flooring
Fortunately, Crema Marfil flooring are not the result of any fashion or trend. And this is all thanks to their timeless beauty. Thanks to Crema Marfil's elegance and simplicity, we can create comfortable and laid back environments.
crema marfil tiles
Crema Marfil tile

Crema Marfil is undoubtedly one of the best selling types of marble. Its secret lies in its indisputable beauty and the uniqueness of natural stones. This is why many knowledgeable architects and interior designers do not hesitate in using it to create unique environments. Crema Marfil...

Crema Marfil slabs
Crema Marfil Slabs

Sometimes, referring to Crema Marfil slabs can seem strange to those who are unfamiliar with the marble preparation process. Slabs are only a semi finished product obtained from raw Crema Marfil marble, which is extracted from quarries in blocks. Therefore, extraction is the start of the process to transform Crema...

crema marfil marble maintenance
Crema Marfil marble maintenance

In order to ensure that crema marfil marble will retain its natural beauty, it will be required to undergo a thorough maintenance. In this manner, we will minimise the effects of normal wear and tear. This maintenance will allow all the luminosity and features that characterise Crema...

crema marfil woktops
Crema Marfil worktops

It is not easy to decide on the best worktop for your home. So, what are the reasons to choose a Crema Marfil worktop? A very good question indeed. Before we carry on, for those who are unfamiliar with Crema Marfil, this is basically a type of...

Crema Marfil marble features
Crema Marfil features

Crema Marfil is a beige colour marble whose features make it ideal as a building material. In fact, this is the best selling beige colour marble worldwide. But in order to find out why, we will need to go deeper into the origins and features of Crema...

5 reasons to use crema marfil
5 reasons to use Crema Marfil marble in your home

You may be considering whether to use Crema Marfil marble in your home and need strong reasons to make your decision. We know that it is not easy to choose between a wide range of building materials. And there is a very fine line between...

Marble quarry Crema Marfil
What is the Crema Marfil Coto?

The cream marble most widely known throughout the world is crema marfil, although it is also known as Crema Marfil Coto or Pinoso Marble, due to its extraction location.   Source of Crema Marfil Coto Marble is a very special mineral material; it is a natural metamorphic stone with...

Crema Marfil marble bathrooms
Crema Marfil bathrooms

Few materials represent the idea of cleanliness and purity as perfectly as Crema Marfil marble. This is why it is one of the natural stones that is most often employed by architects and promoters when covering walls and floors in the bathrooms of a home.   Why...

Advantages of Crema Marfil
Advantages and drawbacks of Crema Marfil

The time arrives for choosing what construction materials are going to form part of our home. This transcendental decision corresponds to the promoter, when it is a self-promotion, and the architect. We describe it as transcendental because it will dictate what we will create, a...