Crema Marfil marble bathroom

Few materials represent the idea of cleanliness and purity as perfectly as Crema Marfil marble. This is why it is one of the natural stones that is most often employed by architects and promoters when covering walls and floors in the bathrooms of a home.


Why we should cover bathrooms with Crema Marfil

Crema marfil is a marble, the soft and refined colour of which provides a relaxing space that is also warm and sober, which combines to perfection with other materials, such as wood, glass and steel and even with other marbles, such as, Dark Emperador or Rojo Alicante.


The versatility of marble allows the possibility to created different ambiences, all in function of the type of crema marfil or the finish that we employ. For example, we decide to use an aged crema marfil with dense veining, which will result in a rustic bathroom.

If on the other hand, we employ polished crema marfil with only a moderate presence of veins, we obtain a bathroom in a contemporary style. Although it is evident that this will depend on the character that the architect or decorator wishes achieve in our bathroom.


Crema Marfil bath


Crema Marfil marble countertop



Advantage of using Crema Marfil

There are various reasons why employing marble in the bathroom means an advantage compared to other materials.


  • Impermeability: An important factor for using crema marfil in the bathroom is its high degree of impermeability due to its geological characteristics that prevent the presence of humidity. In fact crema marfil not only is present on floors and walls of the bathroom, but also in the form of the top that supports the washbasin.
  • Hardness: Another point in its favour, is the hardness of crema marfil marble when compared to other materials, which provides it with greater durability over time, which makes the high investment worthwhile.
  • Beauty: There is no doubt that crema marfil is one of the most beautiful marbles in existence, which makes it the most demanded. A luxurious, elegant finish that amplifies any area and which also contributes luminosity to small dim spaces. On the other hand, as we have already explained, crema marfil combines with a wide range of colours, providing you with the possibility to give your bathroom the appearance you most desire.


Crema Marfil coating in the bathroom

Crema Marfil coating in the bathroom


If we have to include a “but” for crema marfil, we could mention that the investment that has be made to decorating our bathroom with this material could turn out to be more than expected, because it is a marble that projects exclusiveness.

One possible solution would be, instead of tiling all the bathroom with crema marfil, we could combine it with other types of materials or natural rocks or, only use crema marfil on the walls or only the floor. Taking into account that the floor undergoes greater wear and marble is a resistant material, our recommendation would be to cover this floor with crema marfil.


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