What is the Crema Marfil Coto?

Marble quarry Crema Marfil

What is the Crema Marfil Coto?

The cream marble most widely known throughout the world is crema marfil, although it is also known as Crema Marfil Coto or Pinoso Marble, due to its extraction location.


Source of Crema Marfil Coto

Marble is a very special mineral material; it is a natural metamorphic stone with certain astonishing qualities and is employed on a daily basis by architects and decorators for various purposes all over the world.

The source of crema marfil marble is located in the province of Alicante, specifically on the mountain Coto de Pinoso. This site is where the largest crema marfil open-cast quarry is located. The method of extraction is carried out by means of banks descending some twelve metres. The marble blocks obtained from the quarry are transported by lorries to the respective production plants for elaboration.


Crema Marfil Coto marble

Crema Marfil marble


Crema Marfil marble quarry in Spain

Crema Marfil marble quarry


Marble block Crema Marfil

Marble block Crema Marfil Coto


Themain countries that import Crema Marfil are China, France, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.

Although it is true that we can find many quarries with a variety of limestone materials, as is the case of Sierra de la Puerta and Zafra, both in Murcia, it is the mountain Coto that provides a crema marfil marble with the greatest hardness and lightest colours.


Differences between Crema Marfil Coto and Zafra

Although the actual mountain range is the same, there are differences between crema marfil coto and crema marfil zafra.

The Crema marfil Zafra has a lighter, cleaner tone, but possesses white stains of limestone, which makes it a less compact material.

On the other hand, crema marfil coto has greater consistency and can have different textures, such as waters or rice grains. Depending on the area of the coto where the marble is extracted it can be more or less clean and light.


Uses of Crema Marfil Coto

Crema Marfil Coto is employed all over the world for various purposes, both interior and exterior, for façades, bathrooms, kitchens, floors and stairways etc. We are therefore speaking of a multi-faceted material.


Applications of Crema Marfil Coto marble

Marble floor Crema Marfil Coto


Marble kitchens Crema Marfil

Marble kitchens Crema Marfil


Crema Marfil marble stairs

Crema Marfil marble stairs


Finishes for Crema Marfil Coto

With respect to finishes for Crema Marfil Coto, we can find it rough, polished, aged or rubbed. Depending on where the marble is located, one type of finish or another will be recommended, for example, polished material is advised for the interior of a dwelling, however, a rubbed or rough finish is recommended for exterior usage.

Independently of the finish type and the use to which crema marfil is put, what is quite evident is that it is an elegant and attractive natural stone, which combines with a wide variety of colours and facilitates both decorators and architects when creating excellent ambiences.


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