Crema Marfil flooring

Fortunately, Crema Marfil flooring are not the result of any fashion or trend. And this is all thanks to their timeless beauty.

Thanks to Crema Marfil’s elegance and simplicity, we can create comfortable and laid back environments.

This is a very appreciated feature by architects and interior designers who intend to create spaces of any kind, from contemporary to classical. Due to its beige tones, it can be part of endless combinations, thereby increasing the creative possibilities for any professionals who use it.


Crema Marfil flooring finishes


Crema Marfil floorings are available in a wide range of finishes, with many different options to chose from:

  • Polished: By making it smooth, we can obtain a much glossier surface that enhances Crema Marfil’s beauty.
  • Raw: In this case, Crema Marfil floorings remain dull as no polishing action has been undertaken on the natural stonework. Therefore, the surface will provide further grip, making it ideal for the outdoors.
  • Bush hammered: This finish will provide a rugged aspect and further grip when applied to flooring. It can be perfect to use near swimming pools or in terraces.
  • Honed: This is the previous step to the polishing process. Therefore, the surface will have a matt aspect but without any cutting marks.
  • Aged: This type of flooring will achieve a slightly rugged, dull aspect in an attempt to reflect the passage of time upon the material.


Certain types of finish will be more suitable depending on the location where the Crema Marfil flooring is due to be installed. In case of interior areas such as homes or other venues, it should be preferably polished.

However, if we decide to install it outdoors, any of the other options will be valid, as they will provide further grip than the polished finish.


Crema Marfil outdoor flooring


Depending on the flooring’s finish type, it may be used both outdoors as well as interiors. More specifically, the best options for outdoor projects are:


  • Raw
  • Bush hammered
  • Honed
  • Aged


The features of the Crema Marfil give great resistance and durability to the soil, therefore, it can be used in areas where the movement of people is important.


Crema Marfil indoor flooring

Crema Marfil outdoor flooring.

Crema Marfil marble exterior flooring

Exterior flooring made with Crema Marfil marble


Crema Marfil interior flooring


Crema Marfil’s beauty is truly brought to light when polished. In this manner, it is capable of conveying a unique sensation. Any interior areas where it is installed will be imbued with the splendid beige tones imprinted by its natural origins, making them unique.


Crema Marfil flooring in a hotel

Hotel made with Crema Marfil marble floor.


Crema Marfil kitchen flooring

Crema Marfil kitchen flooring.


Crema Marfil bedroom flooring

Bedroom made with Crema Marfil marble.


Crema Marfil flooring advantages


Although there are plenty of reasons to use Crema Marfil floorings, here are our top 4:


  1. Multi purpose: Thanks to the different finish types available, it may be used both outdoors as well as interiors.
  2. Unique material: Is there anything more exclusive and unique than its natural origin? Several millions of years were needed to achieve a flooring with these features.
  3. Resistance: Crema Marfil’s features provide it with ideal resistance from a construction point of view.
  4. Thanks to its beige tones, it can be combined with countless other materials and colours.


How to clean Crema Marfil flooring


When cleaning Crema Marfil floorings, we must consider a number of issues in order to maintain their natural appearance. More specifically:


  •  Avoid using vinegar or lemon due to their acid content that will corrode the marble.
  • Do not use any metal elements to prevent scratching.
  • In the case of common stains, it is best to remove these with pure vol. 100 peroxide before rinsing the surface with water and soap.
  • Apply a water repellent treatment to marble floorings after they are first installed in order to prevent stains from filtering through the stonework.
  • Act quickly to prevent the stains penetrating through the marble’s pores.


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