crema marfil marble maintenance

In order to ensure that crema marfil marble will retain its natural beauty, it will be required to undergo a thorough maintenance. In this manner, we will minimise the effects of normal wear and tear. This maintenance will allow all the luminosity and features that characterise Crema Marfil to remain inalterable.

Following is a list of tips on how to look after your Crema Marfil marble:


Crema Marfil regular cleaning


One of the main advantages of Crema Marfil is the low maintenance costs when compared to other materials.

In order to correctly maintain your Crema Marfil marble, please use only water and soap with a pH of between 7 and 10. We would recommend avoiding any soap with a pH of under 7 due to their acidity.


escala pH


For a more effective cleaning, you may use hot water. In this manner, any stains will be removed from the marble with less effort. It is also advisable to ensure that the material is not excessively wet after cleaning. So please make sure that the mop or sponge is well wrung prior to cleaning.

It is also important to avoid using metallic tools in order to prevent scratches to the Crema Marfil marble surface.

Avoiding stains on Crema Marfil Marble


The issue with stains on marble is that they may filter through the material, making them impossible to remove. Therefore, it is always preferable to act quickly to prevent further damage.

As a means of prevention, you may use the following solutions:


  • Water repellents:  These products will penetrate through the Crema Marfil marble pores preventing water or any other fluid from reaching the stone. Water repellents allow the marble to breathe, while providing it with good mechanical resistance. We recommend using them on vertical rather than on horizontal surfaces. This is because of the pressure of water on the latter.
  • Waterproofing. They have a different purpose than the water repellents. These products create a protective film on the marble’s surface that prevents any leaks. This solution has the disadvantage of not allowing the natural stones to breathe. Therefore, they may deteriorate with the passage of time.


stone with water repellent

Image Focus Piedra


On the other hand, all Crema Marfil marble slabs are subject to a filler application process and subsequent polish which also provides them with some protection against stains.

How to clean Crema Marfil marble


In order to ensure that all the natural stone’s features remain intact, please follow the recommendations below when cleaning Crema Marfil marble. Among them are:


  • Avoid using bleach or ammonia. Also avoid vinegar or lemon, due to their acid concentration. If you have no choice but to use them, please dilute them in water.
  • As soon as you notice any of the most common marble stains, you must try and remove these with water and soap. Particularly in case of stains such as coffee, rust marks, wine or soft drinks.
  • In case of oil stains. Act quickly to avoid any leakage.
  • If for any reason you fail to clean the marble, we recommend using professional products or services.

Recovering the shine of Crema Marfil marble


If you want to recover its initial shine and luminosity, you will have to polish your Crema Marfil marble. And at the same time, you will be providing the natural stone with further resistance.

Depending on the type of use, it will be subject to more or less wear-and-tear as time goes by.


polished marble

Crema Marfil maintenance through polishing.


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