crema marfil marble tile

Crema Marfil is undoubtedly one of the best selling types of marble. Its secret lies in its indisputable beauty and the uniqueness of natural stones. This is why many knowledgeable architects and interior designers do not hesitate in using it to create unique environments.

Crema Marfil is a raw material that can be used to manufacture slabs and tiles.

Crema Marfil tile are a product resulting from the marble preparation process. An interesting fact is that this is a multi purpose building material, not only due to its many applications, but also because of the wide range of formats and different finishes available.

As opposed to the Crema Marfil slabs, tiles supplied by our factory are ready to use in any building project.


Crema Marfil marble tile format


Depending on the type of project, you may need different tile thicknesses. More specifically, we manufacture 1cm, 1.5cm and 2cm thick tiles.

Crema Marfil 2cm thick tile are often used for indoor flooring or cladding. However, we can also use 1cm thick tile in the bathroom. This will be at the architect’s own discretion.

When classifying the marble tile by size, we can find these in large, medium or small formats.


Large tile format

large crema marfil tile


In this case, large tile are manufactured only with a 2cm thickness and are available in the following sizes:


  • 120 x 120
  • 120 x 60
  • 100 x 100
  • 91,5 x 91,5
  • 80 x 80
  • 70 x 70


Crema Marfil tile 100 x 100 x 2

Crema Marfil tile 100 x 100 x 2


Medium tile format

crema marfil tile medium


In contrast with the large tile, medium tiles are actually available in 3 different thicknesses, although the 2cm thickness is the most popular. Following is a list of medium tile sizes:


1 cm thickness

  • 61 x 30,5

1,5 cm thickness

  • 45,7 x 45,7

2 cm thickness

  • 60 x 60
  • 40 x 40
  • 60 x 30
  • 60 x 20
  • 50 x 50
  • 45 x 45


Small tile format

small tile crema marfil


In regards to the small Crema Marfil tile, there are 6 types in total, 2 of which are 1cm thick while the remaining 4 are 2cm thick.

1 cm thickness

  • 30,5 x 30,5
  • 30 x 15


2 cm thickness

  • 40 x 40
  • 30 x 40
  • 40 x 20
  • 30 x 30

Crema Marfil tile finishes


Crema Marfil marble tile are available in different finishes, allowing them to be used in different areas, and also outdoors as well as indoors.

Below are some of the most renowned finishes:

  • Polishing: with this type of finish, we can obtain a smooth, glossy surface that enhances Crema Marfil marble’s beauty.
  • Chiselled: this is a new type of stonework finish, where the marble surface is carved by chiselling grooves of different thicknesses.
  • Bush hammering: produces a coarser marble tile finish resembling the strikes of a bush hammer (a masonry hammer with teeth used to texturise stone).
  • Honing:  in this case, tiles are only treated to remove the cutting marks, leaving a matt surface with no shine.
  • Aged: this type of finish is intended to reflect the passage of time upon the natural stonework, hence its shine free and coarse aspect.

Crema Marfil tile applications


As discussed previously, Crema Marfil tile have multiple applications thanks to their different finishes and sizes available. On the other hand, their characteristic beige colour makes them suitable to use in any room, both indoors as well as outdoors.


crema marfil cladding in a hotel

Crema Marfil cladding in a hotel


crema marfil flooring in a home

Crema Marfil flooring in a home


crema marfil kitchen flooring

Crema Marfil kitchen flooring


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