It is not easy to decide on the best worktop for your home. So, what are the reasons to choose a Crema Marfil worktop? A very good question indeed.

Before we carry on, for those who are unfamiliar with Crema Marfil, this is basically a type of natural stone, more particularly, a beige coloured marble.

Encimeras de Crema Marfil para el baño

encimeras de crema marfil

Top five advantages of Crema Marfil worktops


Following are our top five reasons to help you decide whether it is worth using Crema Marfil marble in your kitchen or bathroom.


Exclusive material


That’s right. Due to its natural origins, Crema Marfil is noted for its exclusivity and for providing a touch of distinction. This is because this material is obtained directly from nature. Therefore, all the Crema Marfil features  are completely at the mercy of nature.

No two marble worktops are ever the same.

On the other hand, there has been lately a surge in worktops made from synthetic materials in the market. These are often supplied in a wide variety of tones, including some Crema Marfil imitations also.

So at this point you have to ask yourself a question. Does originality or exclusivity really matter to you? If this is what you are seeking, then our Crema Marfil worktops are the best option for your home.


Wide range of combinations


Crema Marfil’s beige tones can be combined with a wide range of colours, including white or even green.

On the other hand, if your aim is to achieve a relaxedwarm environment in your kitchen or bathroom, this is easy to obtain thanks to the marble’s beige colour.

Encimera hecha en crema marfil


Different types of finish


Most Crema Marfil worktops are supplied with a polished finish. This aspect will enhance the marble’s beauty and luminosity.

It is also quite possible to find flamed worktops. This finish results in a rougher, shine free surface with a rustic appearance.




Maintaining your Crema Marfil marble is rather simple. We recommend using water and soap with a pH of between 7 and 10. In this manner, we can rest assured that the acidity level is as low as possible.

Avoid using bleach or ammonia. Also avoid using home remedies using vinegar and lemon as cleaning agents.




Marble is a clearly resistant material, including in areas with high temperatures. This is an essential requirement when considering its use in the kitchen.


We hope this article has been helpful. In case of any queries, we are only a visit or call away. So please contact us ?


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