Limestone and Sandstone

One of the things in common between limestone and sandstone are their origins, in that they are both sedimentary rocks.


These natural stones have been used since immemorial times for building and ornamental purposes. Examples of these are the cathedral in Burgos and the Egyptian pyramids. Therefore, these types of material are not only highly durable, but also continue to provide beauty and sophistication.


Depending on the type and amount of components, limestone and sandstone will have different features. In regards to limestone, it is formed by 50% terrigenous materials, i.e., crystals, rock and fossil fragments. On the other hand, sandstone has over 50% terrigenous materials, and for that reason, it is classified as a detrital rock.


In addition to this, sandstone is a porous rock, and its permeability shall depend on the size of its fragments and their distribution. Therefore, the more empty gaps between grains, the more permeable it will be.


Alba limestone

Alba limestone

Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez limestone


Niwala Yellow

Niwala: yellow sandstone


They have a wide range of applications, including both indoor as well as outdoor flooring, staircases and façades.

Interior Floor

interior floor

Exterior Floor

exterior floor






What are the advantages that make limestone and sandstone a better option than other building materials? Let’s have a look:


Resistance: They both remain unchangeable with the passage of time, and they have a very good resistance to weather conditions. They are maintenance free.


Unique materials: since they are formed by nature over a long period of time, each piece will have its own peculiarities when compared to others.


Wide range of textures, which can be helpful when creating or designing new projects.


Elegance: both limestone and sandstone have a matt, neutral tone appearance, which makes them ideal to combine with darker materials.


Different applications: they offer endless possibilities as both a decorating and building material. They are suitable for both indoors as well as outdoor areas.


Manageable: Due to their sedimentary nature, they are adaptable stones ideal for ornamentation and façade cladding purposes.


Cost effective: Limestone and sandstone are a type of natural stonework which is affordable for everyone.

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