Brown Marble

Versatility is the characteristic that best defines brown marble, the possibilities therefore, of this natural stone, are infinite.


Being closely linked to nature, its earthy colour is ideal for creating ethnic or rural ambiences.

The light and dark browns of marble allow them to be used in both large and small rooms. Together with those having greater or lesser luminosity.


In this case, talking about dark brown marble involves Dark Emperador. While Emperador Light has a softer tome.

Types of Brown Marble

Our production plants produce two types of brown marble in different tones. One is Dark Emperador and the other is Emperador Light.


There are several uses for this type of marble. We can find it in interior and exterior floors and on stairs, facades and worktops.

Living Room

marble for living room


Marble for kitchens


Marble for bathrooms


marble for bedrooms

Other Coloured Marbles

Nature offers us an extensive range of marble colours and it is, therefore, possible to create infinite unique spaces. Each type of marble has an implicit sensation, for example, Crema Marfil transmits warmth, black elegance, red strength and brown versatility. What is your colour?

Cream Marble

Mármol crema


Red Marble

Mármol rojo


Black Marble

mármol negro


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