Emperador Light marble

It is relatively easy to combine Emperador Light with any other type of material of a different colour or nature. This quality is due to a soft tone, which is also able to transmit warmth and comfort to ambiences.

Architects and interior designers do not hesitate to make use of this natural stone when creating welcoming ambiences of great beauty, especially when searching for ethnic or colonial surroundings.

Visually, Emperador Light is outstanding because it is a brown marble with soft tones and light/dark veins that run through the material

Emperador Light marble finishes

There is another quality that is also defined by Emperador Light, and this is versatility.

The reason behind such an affirmation is the capacity to adapt its natural aspect depending on the project requirements. The finishes that can be found at Pulycort are as follows:

RAW: in this case, the Emperador Light’s surface is supplied directly after cutting with no additional polishing and, therefore, lacking shine.

POLISHED: on the other hand, by polishing the marble we can not only highlight its tone but also provide more luminosity and shine to the architectural area where it will be placed.

HONED: this type of finish achieves a matte surface similar to the raw finish, except that in this case the stone is subject to a first layer of polishing to remove saw marks. I.e., it’s the previous step before the last stage of polishing.

BRUSHED: this type of finish aims to provide the natural stone with a slightly coarse aspect lacking any shine, in order to reflect the passage of time upon the material.

BUSH HAMMERED: bush hammering produces a uniform, coarse marble surface, making the natural stone ideal for outdoor use thanks to its additional grip features.

SANDBLASTED: the marble is presented in a less coarse finish than that achieved by bush hammering, so that the pits produced when treating the stone are less profound.

Decorate with emperador light marble and create an exclusive ambience. Customize your project now


Multipurpose. Emperador Light is capable of adapting to any type of indoor or outdoor architectural project.










At Pulycort we can supply any type of Emperador Light marble products (staircases, worktops, skirting boards). In addition to that, we can also supply standard Slabs and Tiles formats in sizes 60 x 60, 60 x 30 or 60 x 40. Please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about customised measurements. We have a very flexible production process with a strong focus in meeting our delivery deadlines.






In Pulycort we have a customization service for special projects. Using realistic photomontages you can see the desired finish.

If you want to see how that part of your house, office or project is in marble, follow the 3 simple steps.


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