Purity and luminosity are the two intrinsic values that make Blanco Ibiza a marble to be seriously reckoned with in architecture and decoration.


Nature works the material over the passage of time in such a way that we can find Blanco Ibiza in different shades. The appearance of grey, and sometimes, brown streaks gives the natural stone its uniqueness.


White is synonymous with modernity and clarity. If we are looking for the latter, it is recommended that the marble be polished to achieve, if possible, even greater luminosity.


Blanco Ibiza marble

Blanco Ibiza marble


White marble Ibiza Versatile


This can adapt its natural appearance in function of the project requirements, which is a great advantage for architects and designers. Pulycort has the following finishes available:


In this case, the Blanco Ibiza’s surface is supplied directly after cutting with no additional polishing and, therefore, lacking shine.


On the other hand, by polishing the marble we can not only highlight its tone but also provide more luminosity and shine to the architectural area where it will be placed.


This type of finish achieves a matte surface similar to the raw finish, except that in this case the stone is subject to a first layer of polishing to remove saw marks. I.e., it’s the previous step before the last stage of polishing.


This type of finish aims to provide the natural stone with a slightly coarse aspect lacking any shine, in order to reflect the passage of time upon the material.

Bush Hammered

Bush hammering produces a uniform, coarse marble surface, making the natural stone ideal for outdoor use thanks to its additional grip features.


The marble is presented in a less coarse finish than that achieved by bush hammering, so that the pits produced when treating the stone are less profound.

Uses of Blanco Ibiza

Multipurpose. Blanco Ibiza has the great advantage that it can be used for both the exterior as well as the interior of any type of of architectonic project. Given its resistance and luminosity, its use is recommended in more frequently used rooms such as the lounge, kitchen or bathroom as well as in bedrooms, or in the manufacture of elements such as staircases or worktops. Without doubt, Blanco Ibiza is a safe bet

Interior Floors

interior floors

Exterior Floors

exterior floors of marble


marbles facades


marble stairs

Living Room

marble for living room


Marble for kitchens


Marble for bathrooms


marble for bedrooms

White marble ibiza floors


White marble floors Ibiza

white marble floors ibiza


In addition to Blanco Ibiza elements (stairways, worktops and skirting boards etc.), Pulycort can also supply the standard forms of slab and tiles, such as 60 x 60, 60 x 30 or 60 x 40 cm. If your project requires special measurements, please consult us. Our production capacity is flexible and delivery dates are carefully controlled.


blanco ibiza marble slabs

Blanco Ibiza slabs may have different thicknesses depending on requirements. The most usual ones are 2 and 3 centimetres, but special slab thicknesses can be produced.

2 cm

3 cm

special thickness



blanco ibiza tile

Our production plants can manufacture large-size slabs. The advantage of this type of piece is that we obtain greater emphasis of the natural stone

Thickness 2 cm

120 x 120

120 x 60

100 x 100

91,5 x 91,5

80 x 80

70 x 70


blanco ibiza marble tile

With respect to medium form marble slabs, we have three thicknesses available, with their corresponding dimensions.

1 cm 1.5 cm 2 cm
61 x 30.5 45,7 x 45,7 60 x 60
60 x 40
60 x 30
60 x 20
50 x 50
45 x 45


blanco ibiza tile

Lastly, we also produce small tiles with the following dimensions.


1 cm 2 cm
30.5 x 30.5 40 x 40
30 x 15 40 x 30
40 x 20
30 x 30

Other Marbles that may be of interest to you

Marble provides many options when creating unique ambiences by employing a single type of natural stone or, combining several to obtain the proposed result. We invite you to discover other marbles below.

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crema marfil. cream marble

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dark emperador. brown marble

Emperador Claro

Emperador Light. Brown marbleo

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rojo alicante. Red marble

Negro Marquina

negro marquina. black marble

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