Benefits of Marble

The countless benefits of marble make it a commonly used material in the construction world.

This being the case, we reflect on the 4 advantages of marble with respect to other construction materials.


Unique material


The Marble has its origins in nature itself, and so we are bound by its criterion, providing nobility and authenticity.

These days technology has opened up for us a world of possibilities in the construction market. Any idea, means or texture for covering walls or floors are on the market, in the form of ceramics, resins, etc. However, natural stone or marble is exclusive, impossible to imitate.

white marble floor


The marble production process is unique, as nature takes care of it. The aesthetics of marble do not follow predetermined templates or patterns. It is simply the geology of the area that determines the physical and chemical characteristics of the material.

Its authenticity is one of marble’s most valued benefits by those looking for the real thing.


High resistence to impact and inclement weather


The marble that is extracted from the quarries is transported directly to the factories. There, the stone is prepared for its use in construction. The material is hardened during the manufacturing process using products exclusively for natural stone. This is how we improve its physical properties.


Crema Marfil Coto marble quarry

Crema Marfil Coto marble quarry


Wide range of colours, striations, grains


Around the world there are countless quarries, currently being mined, which contain marble. To talk about marble is always very generic, there are so many types of marble that we must specify its name to identify the colour we are talking about.

Sometimes the name of the marble is due to its colour such as these two cases for example: Crema Marfil marble indicates a beige-coloured marble, however, to talk about Dark Emperador marble conveys to us a brown marble and we could name an infinity of marbles each one with its characteristic colour.

We can also find names of marble that identify the area of origin, as is the case with Mármol de Carrara (Italy) or Rosa Portugués marble.




Another benefits of marble is that may be used both outside as well as inside. It is an excellent choice for interior coverings due to the wide range of finishes, such as polished, aged or honed. This gives us the possibility to create different ambiences, playing a leading role for any architect and decorator opting to use it.


Crema Marfil outdoor flooring

Crema Marfil outdoor flooring


On the other hand, marble contains the necessary properties for it to be displayed on facades and exterior paving without deteriorating.


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