Black marble advantages

Black marble is an elegant and sophisticated natural stone that is ideal to create any decorative environment. Therefore, there are countless reasons to use it as the main centrepiece in any home.

One of the most representative types of black marble is Nero Marquina, with its highly remarkable white streaks that provide a great contrast to its dark background.


nero marquina marble

Nero Marquina marble


There are undoubtedly several advantages for using black marble that you should become aware of, including those stated below.


Great versatility to create different styles


Thanks to the wide possibilities available to combine black marble with other materials or tones, it provides free reign to create unique and diverse environments.


Minimalist style

By combining white and black marble, we can create minimalist styles. In contrast with the white marble’s luminosity, black marble provides further elegance resulting in an unmissable perfect match.

This fusion of tones is not exclusive to the minimalist style, as it can also be part of other styles such as the modern classical look.


Industrial style

Wood is one of the most widely used materials when trying to achieve an industrial style, in addition to black marble. And how can we do this? An example would be to combine wooden floors with a black Marquina marble table.


Modern classical style

If you are aiming for a modern classical style, you can easily achieve this by combining black and white marble. In addition to these colours, you can also add gold or purple tones. In regards to materials, you should also consider wood and copper as well as marble.


Black marble flooring

Black and white marble flooring for a modern classical environment.


On the other hand, black marble is ideal to highlight the furnishings in any room turning them into the main centrepiece.


Timeless beauty


A further advantage of black marble is that it remains constantly on trend. For that reason, it can be part of different decoration styles, both current and from the past.


Wide range of options for indoor decoration


As shown below, black marble can be used for multiple purposes to decorate indoor areas.


Black marble floor tiling

From a practical point of view, marble floorings are so resistant that they are ideal for high footfall areas. On the other hand, from a cosmetic point of view, they are perfect in conveying a unique and elegant style that is sure to attract everyone’s attention.

Combine black marble flooring with lighter tone walls in order to achieve a great contrast.


black marble living room

Black marble floor and wall tiling


Black marble splashbacks

Do you enjoy a challenge? Play with the streaks in black marble in order to achieve an incredibly unique environment. That is one of the things you can do with black Marquina marble. For that reason, take a look at the slabs shown below from our manufacturing centre in order to give you an idea of the above effect.


Black Marquina marble slabs

Nero Marquina marble slabs manufactured by Pulycort.



This would be a wall lined with black marble cut to book, in which you can see the geometric drawing that form the white veins.

Black marble splashback

Symmetric black marble splash back.



Black marble worktops

In this case, we can use marble worktops in both kitchens and bathrooms.


Black marble worktop

Kitchen worktop manufactured from Nero Marquina marble.



Black marble tables

In terms of decorative items, it can be found in the shape of a table, wall clock, etc.


Black marble table

Black marble table with gold accents.


If you still need further information after reading the above advantages of black marble, please contact us. We have over 25 years’ experience in the natural stonework field.


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