How to achieve a Nordic style

The Nordic style is part of the trend towards minimalism. It is characterised by the simplicity and practicality of each decorative element. Since it originated in Scandinavia, it relies heavily on light and natural materials to take the leading role.

If you are interested in decorating your home in the Nordic style then please read on. Otherwise, it has been a pleasure to have you here and we look forward to seeing you again in our blog.


Key Nordic style features


Luminous colours

One of the essential aspects of the Nordic style is light and the use of white as the predominant colour to provide further luminosity to each environment. This can be present in the indoor flooring, as well as the floor, furniture or accessories (lamps, pictures, mats, etc.).

An advantage of using white is that it is easy to combine with other colours, including black, grey, beige or brown.


white color for minimalist environment


Natural materials

In addition to light, nature is an essential part of the Scandinavian lifestyle. And that is why they use natural materials to decorate their homes.

Among these, wood is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used materials, due to its warmth and the fact that it is ideal to combine with white tones.

In addition to wood Nordic decoration also involves other materials such as marble, leather, cotton and copper.


Marble used in a Nordic style kitchen. 

Marble used in a Nordic style kitchen.


Functional furniture

Furniture must be not only functional but also feature straight lines. These must represent a simple design devoid of any embellishments with the aim of achieving a timeless appearance.

Nordic decoration allows the introduction of decorative elements from other completely discordant styles such as classic or industrial.


Nordic furniture


Less is more

The Nordic style is far removed from highly ornate environments since everything must serve a purpose, thereby resulting in wider spaces. On the other hand, this forces us to maintain a tidy house.


minimalist style lounge

Image: Magazine AD


Decorate using plants

By far the best way of staying in touch with nature at home is to include plants and floral arrangements as part of our home’s decoration.


plants to decorate

Image: Transitoinicial


Now that you know everything you need to decorate your home in the Nordic style, will you give it a go?

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