How to Clean Marble


One of the most common marbles employed for paving inside and outside floors is crema marfil marble, which is highly appreciated by architects and decorators. Marble is a product that comes straight from nature, and provides us with sublime aesthetics but, on the other hand, it comes with a significant drawback.


Here, we are referring to, how to clean marble so that, as far as possible, it continues to showing the same beauty after being cleaned. Since it is much better to prevent than cure, we must special attention to the water-repellent products we apply to the marble right after laying as this could avoid serious headaches later.


The function of these water-repellent products is to protect the marble because this will prevent the stain from filtering into the marble by increasing the resistance to natural rock filtration and, at the same time, allowing the user to remove the spilled liquid in time. to prevent this. Water repellents may be completely transparent or they may increase the tone of the marble and they can be applied to floors, stairways and facades etc.


Types of stains and how to clean them


We are going to establish two groups or types of stains that are classified according to how they should be cleaned.


  • The common stains, such as rust, wine, soft drinks etc can be resolved by using pure vol.100 hydrogen peroxide and then rinsing with abundant soap and water.


  • However, oil stains are probably more difficult to remove, especially when they are not recent. Such situations require the use of professional polishing equipment.


How not to clean marble

One traditional method to remove stains from marble was to apply vinegar or lemon juice, but this is now strongly inadvisable because the corrosive acids in these substances can irreversibly damage our marble. However it is true that years ago the currently existing range of products was not available, which is why both vinegar and lemon juice were employed to remove stains, but on occasions, they also eliminated the surface shine from the marble, leaving a dull area that was very difficult to resolve.


So there you have it, if you want to keep your marble like its first day, do not use vinegar or lemon juice.


And you, what products do you use to clean your marble?

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