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When it comes to selecting the best kitchen worktop, we must be clear regarding what our requirements and expectations are.

This is truly not an easy decision to make, since the worktop will have a strong impact on the entire kitchen’s design and, therefore, it is a very important factor. In these cases, the best option is to gather as much information as possible regarding kitchen worktops and to assess the different options, including the type of material.


Aspects to consider when selecting a kitchen worktop

Below are the 4 key aspects that will have an impact on the right worktop choice:



Not all materials used to manufacture worktops are equally robust. Depending on how you use your kitchen, this factor will be more or less significant in your final decision. While some materials will withstand high temperatures and scratching, others won’t. How important is this for you?

Maintenance and cleaning

How demanding are you in terms of worktop cleaning?

Certain materials are more resistant to stains than others, making the task of cleaning your worktop a lot easier.


Any kitchen design is heavily influenced by the worktop’s appearance. A significant aspect for those who prioritise aesthetics over practicality.


Last, but not least important, is the worktop’s cost. How much money are you willing to invest?

This answer will probably help us to rule out some of the options we had in mind.


Therefore, the material that your worktop will be manufactured from shall be determined, to a smaller or greater extent, by its compliance with the above four factors. Your election must be based upon those factors that you consider to be more significant.


What kitchen worktop material should you choose

Let’s have a look at the different types of worktops that we can find depending on their composition.


Marble worktops

gray marble countertop pietra grey


Marble worktops are noted for their elegant design and timeless beauty. Thanks to their 100% natural origin, they provide kitchens with a unique and exclusive character that cannot be ignored.

Although marble is resistant to heat and can withstand high temperatures, we recommend using a worktop protector in order to protect the surface from hot pots and pans.

In regards to its maintenance, marble is a material that ages well. And by this we mean that it is highly durable, as it can be polished to make it shine like new if needed.

When cleaning a marble worktop and, bearing in mind that this is a porous material, we recommend acting promptly, particularly in case of lemon or vinegar stains. One of the ways to protect a marble worktop is by covering its pores with a water repellent.

Prices for marble worktops can vary greatly depending on the type of marble chosen for your worktop.

For further information, click on our article to see the Top 10 marble worktop advantages


marble worktops


Granite worktops

encimera de granito titanium para la cocina

Granite worktops have the same features than marble in addition to their greater resistance, making them the most commonly used material.

Both in the case of marble and granite worktops, these materials are greatly appreciated because they meet the four requirements that have the most significance when choosing a kitchen worktop: resistance, easy maintenance, design and price.


Quartz worktops

encimera de cuarzo

In the case of Quartz worktops, these are manufactured with a high mineral content providing high levels of resistance particularly in regards to scratches. However, they are not resistant to high temperatures, so they must be protected with a worktop protector.

There is a wide range of colours and textures available that can also imitate natural stonework.


Corian worktops

encimera de corian

Corian is a synthetic material patented by DuPont. It is noted by its resistance and capacity for moulding. However, it is less hard than granite, so it can be subject to damage when reaching high temperatures or scratches if cutting boards are not used. Despite this, the surface can be polished again in order to recover its original shape.


Wooden worktops

encimera de madera

At this stage, it would be pointless to question the beauty of wooden worktops don’t you agree? These can turn any kitchen into a warm, welcoming environment.

However, they are not very practical due to their potential for humidity issues, as well as their low resistance to impacts and scratches.

And now that you have made it so far, are you feeling more confident to choose the best kitchen worktop?


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