When it comes to choosing the materials that will form part of our kitchen, white marble continues to be one of the best options for many. In fact, it is a material that has been used for a long time for worktops, kitchen islands, flooring and cladding. The wide variety of existing white marbles, as well as its ability to be combined with other materials, gives white marble a high potential to create unique and diverse spaces. White marble kitchens continue to be one of the preferred choices, let’s see why.


Carrara marble kitchen


Benefits of white marble kitchens

From the purity of Carrara marble to the uniqueness of Lilac white marble, each piece tells a unique and unrepeatable story, characterised by its tonality and fascinating veining. White marble offers a multitude of benefits beyond its beauty, among which we highlight the following.


Elegance and style

White marble brings elegance to any space. Its classic and timeless look adapts to both modern designs and more traditional styles, adding a sophisticated touch.


White marble kitchen


Bright and spacious

The white colour of marble reflects light excellently, which helps to create a brighter kitchen, thus giving the impression of more spaciousness. This is especially beneficial in smaller kitchens.


Versatility of styles

White marble combines perfectly with any other type of marble and material, such as wood or steel. This favours the creation of diverse atmospheres with a unique timeless aesthetic.


White marble kitchen Ibiza



Among the advantages of marble is its resistance to scratches and daily wear and tear, making it a hard-wearing choice for countertops, floors and work surfaces.


Heat resistance

Marble is known for its ability to withstand high temperatures. This characteristic makes it a safe choice for the cooking area.



White marble can be cut and processed in different ways, which allows the personalisation of details in the kitchen design. An example of this is the different worktop finishes that can be found:

  • Mitre joint: Worktops are provided with an inverted L edge shape
  • Bevelled: Edges are smoother to either 45 or 90 degree angles
  • Rounded edges: In this case, worktop edges are rounded off
  • Plain


Easy maintenance

When cleaning marble, it is recommended to do so regularly, using soaps with a pH between 7 and 10. On the other hand, it is recommended to apply a water repellent on the marble surface to prevent humidity and stains from penetrating. This will ensure that the marble in the kitchen shines like the first day.


Increase in the value of housing

Finally, the presence of white marble in the kitchen can increase the aesthetic and economic value of the home. It is a feature appreciated by many potential buyers, making it a long-term investment.


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