Nowadays, we have a wide range of outdoor flooring to choose from, but when it comes to the best outdoor flooring for terraces, the options are narrower. Precisely, one of the most used materials in the construction of outdoor terraces is natural stone. The reason? Its intrinsic characteristics and original beauty. Within this group, we can find a series of materials suitable for use as outdoor terrace flooring: marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone, granite and slate.

Before choosing the best outdoor flooring for terraces, you must take into account a series of aspects:

  • Resistance: The material you choose must be sufficiently resistant to withstand temperature changes and the most adverse weather conditions.
  • Adherence: Given that the paving is going to be outside, it is necessary that it offers slip resistance to prevent falls or slips.
  • Durability: The exposure of outdoor paving to weather conditions and foot traffic can cause damage over time. Make sure that the chosen material offers the greatest possible resistance to extend the useful life of the material.


Fortunately, the materials we are going to see below meet all these expectations, which is why they are the best options for your terrace.


Exterior marble paving

Marble is an elegant option that brings style and sophistication to the terrace. There are countless types of marble that can make the outdoor terrace a cosy and original place where you can relax, unwind or socialise.


Rojo Alicante marble terrace


As for the finish of the marble, it is recommended that on the terrace we use honing or sawing, given that in this way, the paving will have greater adherence.


Exterior limestone paving

Limestone is a sedimentary material known for its natural appearance and unique texture. Its warm and soft tone blends harmoniously into outdoor environments, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Limestone is highly resistant to weathering and wear, making it an ideal choice for outdoor terrace flooring. On the other hand, on hot days, limestone does not heat up, which is an advantage for terraces in warm areas.

The different types of limestone available open the door to create different atmospheres, full of originality and peace.


capri limestone outdoor terrace flooring


Exterior travertine paving

Travertine is a limestone formed from mineral deposits that give it a unique texture and distinctive appearance. Its warm tones and natural veining give the outdoor terrace character and sophistication. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, travertine is known for its durability and weather resistance, making it an excellent choice.


exterior travertine flooring


Exterior sandstone paving

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of quartz and feldspar grains bound by natural cement. With its smooth texture and variety of natural colours, sandstone is a versatile and durable alternative for outdoor decking. Its ability to resist abrasion and weathering makes it suitable for varied climates and harsh environmental conditions.


Exterior granite paving

Granite is extremely durable and has a high resistance to impact and heat. In general, it is very easy to maintain and has a stunning natural beauty. Granite is known for its timeless beauty and extraordinary strength. Formed by the crystallisation of molten magma underground, granite exhibits a wide range of colours and patterns, making it a versatile choice for any style of decking. From soft, uniform tones to intricate veining and speckles, granite offers an aesthetic that complements any outdoor deck design.

It is also highly durable, making it ideal for high traffic areas and harsh weather conditions.


Exterior slate paving

Slate is another natural stone that has gained popularity in outdoor terrace design due to its unique appearance and durability. Formed by the compression of clay and sediments over millions of years, slate exhibits a unique texture, being available in a variety of shades ranging from grey to deep black.

Slate is known for its slip resistance and ability to resist moisture, making it ideal for outdoor areas where safety and durability are essential. It is an interesting choice for swimming pools and outdoor entertainment areas.


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