albino travertine from pulycort


At Pulycort we strive to remain always at the cutting edge, both in terms of R&D as well as by adding new products to our catalogue. In this case, we have included the Albino Travertine.


albino travertine


This white Travertine marble is characterised by its outstanding beauty, with an aspect marked by a series of thin white and greyish veins running across its entire surface. A further element that adds to its character are the white rifts that follow the veins forming parallel lines.


albino travertine marble blocks

unload containers white travertine

unloading containers of albino travertine marble


Albino Travertine applications

Its white tones make Albino Travertine an ideal material to create sophisticated environments bursting with light. And on that basis, as well as thanks to its beauty, we can affirm that this is the ideal travertine for both indoors and outdoors flooring and cladding, as well as worktops and stairs.



Due to its features, we are able to supply Albino Travertine in a variety of finishes according to the needs of each project. Among the most notable finishes are:

  • Open pore polishing / honing
  • Transparent resin polishing / honing
  • Same tone putty polishing / honing
  • Open pore antique polishing
  • Raw


If you are interested in finding more about this material, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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