Pulycort incorporates to its wide catalogue of white marbles a new material called Argos white marble or also called Dolomite marble.

dolomite marble block

dolomite marble blocks

download marble block


The Argos marble stands out for being a white marble with subtle red and brown veins that provides information of its natural origin and at the same time gives it uniqueness. Its personality serves to create environments full of light and versatility that leave no one indifferent. In fact, this marble combines with all colours and styles, being a perfect choice for those looking for a timeless marble.



argos white marble slab

Argos white marble slab


The uses that can be given to the Argos marble are varied, standing out as flooring and interior cladding and stairs.


argos white marble slab

slab white argos

argos marble footprint


The different Argos finishes offered by Pulycort include the following:

  • Polished: This is the most representative finish. Through it, we achieve a marble with shine and luminosity.
  • Honed: In this case, the surface of the marble is matt, without shine.
  • Aged: The appearance is slightly rough, simulating the passage of time.
  • Bushhammered: The surface of the material is rough.
  • Sandblasted: Unlike the previous finish, the roughness is slightly lighter.


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