Innovation is a term associated with new developments, uniqueness and leading edge technology. That is precisely what Pulycort has been providing to the natural stonework industry for a long time. And right now, the latest example is this new type of finish: Chiselling.


What is chiselling?


Chiselling consists of carving the natural stone’s surface. This is achieved by carving grooves of different thicknesses on the stone.


Chiselling was originally one of the stages in the stone masonry process. Once the natural stone had been extracted, a chisel was used to provide it with a geometrical shape.

Chisels are a stone masonry tool with the shape of a two sided axe. Therefore, through continuous strikes on the material, we achieve these parallel roughing marks. These unique, old fashioned marks are reproduced today at our production centres. However, we do not use the chisel for this purpose, but rather the most advanced technology.




  1. Can chiselling be applied to all types of materials? Yes. This type of finish can be used for marble such as Crema Marfil, Rojo Alicante, Dark Emperador, etc, as well as limestone.
  2. In what formats is this type of finish available? There is a wide range of options available for this type of finish: It can be used for slabs and tiles of any size and thickness. This represents an advantage when it comes to creativity.
  3. What are the applications for chiselling finished materials? This type of finish is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, it is ideal to create unique, exclusive environments.




This singular groove like texture can be obtained both in marble as well as limestone, as commented above. Below are some examples of different materials:


crema marfil chiselling

Crema Marfil marble


grey marengo chiselling

Grey Marengo


grey zarci chiselling

Grey Zarci marble


saint tropez limestone chiselling

Saint Tropez limestone


Chiselling finished limestone

Chiselling finished limestone


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