Pulycort makes a new investment and acquires a Black Box Photography.

This machine has been installed at the end of the slab polishing line and its function is none other than to take a photograph of each marble slab.
This information will be processed and stored on our servers in order to classify the slabs that are part of a block of marble. In this way, our clients will have much more precise information on the marble blocks that have been made in our factory.

Undoubtedly, this investment brings more value and information to the client, being able to choose those natural stone blocks that best suit their needs. And all this without having to go to the factory and in the quickest and easiest way.


black box photography by Pulycort

Pulycort’s Black Box Photography located at the end of the marble slab polishing line.


Pulycort Marble Board Polishing Line

Pulycort Marble Board Polishing Line


In addition to the Black Box, Pulycort plans to start the installation of a 5th marble loom, as well as a 5-axis cutter.

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